This Foldable Collapsible Pail ensures you hassle free storage of your pails for laundry. This one-of-a-kind foldway bucket is suitable for your daily laundry, gardening and washing your car. This innovative product is collapsible, yet easy to use and carry around without any hassle. 

Forget all the bulky and heavy plastic pails, this unique foldaway bucket for gardening and cleaning the car ensures convenience and even holds up to 11 litres of water. Perfect tool you will need around the house and even outdoors.



·         Collapsible and portable

·         Perfect for laundry, car washing and gardening.

·         Holds 9 - 11 litres of water

·         Material: Nylon & Iron Wire

·         Approx. Size: 24.5cm by 26.5cm (as a bucket)

Available in 2 Colours:

·         Red

·         Blue


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